Christian Learning

An essential part of growing in Christian understanding, belief and practice is that it is done with others. This, though, is such a daunting task for many that either they don’t start, or they give up. Yet there are ways we can support one another to grow in Christian understanding, trust and discipleship.

One contemporary tool is simple multimedia, particularly video and more particularly when it is connected seamlessly with other resources. Online multimedia is great because it places much of  what we need conveniently at our fingertips. Video is great because we can hear and see, as well as read.

If we can make simple videos of ourselves as we talk about what we think, and do so at various stages in our process of thinking, that has the potential to be cognitively, affectively, socially and spiritually supportive.

Here is some of the research I have carried out in this field as well as a growing portfolio of materials and events where this has been found useful.