Thriving Children’s Ministry

For a forthcoming conference on thriving children’s ministry across Scotland I was commissioned to produce four clips demonstrating energising, successful Christian learning among young people – and adults, too.

In Pollok, Glasgow, Jenny runs The Voice Project, a way of engaging through singing and music with young people in a community which faces a range of challenges. Jenny speaks about the importance of relationships in her ministry where, in a small mission-focus fellowship, every member really matters.

In Strathaven, Janette is involved in leading a relatively new Community Church. She describes how their fellowship developed largely through identifying and then meeting needs in their community, and explains that through high-quality culturally relevant initiatives such as a commercial cafe and Christian learning closely tied into just-released films, church is seen as relevant, engaging and welcoming by increasing numbers of people.

In Edinburgh, Alex and Edith run Godly Play within a traditional congregation, and have found the opportunities for exploration, speaking of wonder and enabling children to make their own connections across Bible stories and in aspects of their own lives has been deeply helpful.

In Livingston, Darren tells the story of inter-generational worship planning groups which meet regularly to plan worship for the whole church. The creativity, imagination and challenge of bringing together people of diverse ages and views has enriched the experience of worship for everyone. So much so, those who attend this service – which has seen a threefold growth in five years – would now miss the opportunity to participate so fully in the work of the people of God who together offer worship.