Israel from the inside

A broad overview

This introduction to the politics, economics and life experiences of those living in Israel and Palestine (including, to an extent, Gaza) is provided by Strategic Consultant Daniel Sherman. Daniel Sherman’s work focuses on peace, shared society and development issues. Formerly Senior Staff in the IDF, Daniel developed social welfare initiatives for disadvantaged Jewish communities in Europe. He also served as International Director for Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem and now lectures internationally on Israeli-Palestinian relations and Israeli civil society. This describes the position as at 2017, though little had changed by mid-2019 with the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu in the General Election of the spring. Another General Election in the autumn was equally inconclusive and changes to the political landscape are difficult to predict.

Faith in Jerusalem

Kenneth Collins decribes, as a Jew from Glasgow, what it is like to live and exercise Jewish faith in Jerusalem.

Israel and global Judaism

Colin Stephenson explains the value of the State of Israel to religious life in Israel and to Judaism globally. He continues by exploring some of the current tensions with Palestine and speaks about some of the challenges facing a more robust, peaceful long-term arrangement.

Ordinary life within Israel

Dan Kosky, and Heidi and Aron Lazarus, speak about family life in Israel, as people who have come from Scotland and England to live there and who enjoy the richness of life in Modi’in.

Life in the Golan

Joanna Levstein, who also moved to Israel from England, describes her experience of living in the north of the land.

Interaction and ignorance

There is little interaction among those citizens of Israel who are Jewish and those who are Palestinian or Arab. One organisation promoting political activism among both communities is Sadaka Reut. They have first-hand experience of the challenges presented by this lack of interaction as Becca Strober and Rawan Bisharat describe.