Israel from the outside

This collection offers a range of views from those who have a longstanding interest in issues surrounding Israel, and Palestine too, and set these in a wider context.

The Balfour Declaration

Malcolm Rifkind provides a historical overview of the Balfour Declaration as well as offering thoughts on possibilities for the future.

Israel in a Global Context

David Cohen offers a broad view of the place of Israel in the world as well as its value for global Judaism and then addresses political challenges currently facing the State.

Contributions and Co-existence

Ephraim Borowski describes Israel’s contribution to science and culture and also speaks of the mixed Jewish-Arab nature of the Israeli population, particularly in the north of the land.

Benefits and Costs

Andrew McLellan affirms the importance of Israel to Jews particularly over the past century and more, and highlights some of the challenges to neighbouring peoples of actions by Israel.

A History of Conflict and Hopes for Peace

Paraic Reamonn provides a broad overview of the history of the period from the Balfour Declaration before describing lessons which the peace process in Isreland may offer for peace in Israel-Palestine.

Land Matters

Philippa Whitford offers some background to the Balfour Declaration and offers views on the challenge to peace presented by continued settlement building in the West Bank. She describes her experiences of working in Gaza as a surgeon and the present situation there (which is also covered in a later page).

Israel as Sanctuary

Ayelet Avrahim narrates the story of her grandmother who, pioneering settling in Israel not long after the Balfour Declaration, was able to offer her parents sanctuary there from the Holocaust.

A Settled Life?

Susan Needle talks about living on a Israeli settlement out-with the borders of Israel.