Palestine from the inside

This collection presents a range of views of those who are currently living in, or have considerable experience of life within, either the West Bank or the Gaza Strip.

Life as Refugees

Christopher Gunness offers an overview of life for Palestinians particularly in Gaza and the obligations of the international community.

Challenges to Ordinary Life in Palestine

Bishara Awad describes life as he remembers it in Jerusalem in 1948, and explains what it is like to live in the West Bank now.

The Palestinian Experience

Bernard Sabella provides a broader view of the Palestinian experience over the past seventy years.

Movement and Other Restrictions in the West Bank

Imad Nassar speaks about the challenges faced daily by Palestinians living in the West Bank.

Impoverishment and Death in the West Bank

Tariq Al Zoughby offers both an economic perspective and personal account of the challenge of living in the West Bank.


An excerpt from the film Between the Lines tells the stories of Jamal and Zleika, Arab residents of the city who find life increasingly difficult through settler activity. Sheikh Javari speaks of the story of the Arab people of Hebron over the past generation and the difficulties which they currently face.

Growing up in Bethlehem

Younan Zelfo tells what it is like as a schoolboy growing up in Bethlehem.

Threats of Further Displacement

Mahmoud Alhadleen describes the lack of services and oppression faced by the inhabitants of Umm Al Khair village in the south Hebron hills.

Fighting for family land

Daoud Nassar describes the long-standing court and other battles he has faced in an attempt to remain on the family farm in the West Bank in the face of Israeli opposition.

Issues facing Palestinians today

Omar Harami provides a broad account of legal, practical and religious issues faced currently by Palestinians.