Study Pilgrimage 2019

Here are some useful documents and materials for the study-pilgrimage 2019:

Our itinerary

Our itinerary detailing the places we visited and those to whom we spoke is a work in progress, but will help us recall what and who we encountered.

Our writing

Our combined reflection document allows you to add your own thoughts to those of the group.

Our pictures

If you are uploading your photos to a photo sharing site such as Google Photos or Flickr and you’re happy for others to see your images, links to your photo pages can be placed here.

Grant’s photos stored on Google Photos. These are 1920×1080, so they will fit most modern presentations but the files aren’t too large.

Frank’s photos also on Google Photos. Watch for more being added.

Brian’s drawings, a set of wonderful images touching on aspects of our experiences.

Snaps of us taken during the trip.

Other documents

Companion Guide with devotional material, which you’re free to use or adapt as you wish.

Kit List (an unofficial work in progress, but hopefully some help)

Pilgrimage Book List issued by the World Mission Council.

Campaigning support if you wish to write to elected officials or others.

If you’re having difficulty accessing these documents which are stored and updated on Google Docs (and you may need to register with Google or have or create a Gmail account for this purpose) contact Grant Barclay (using the form below if needed) and we’ll get this sorted.

Other videos

You might wish to have a look at the film Between the Lines which you’ll find on the page of the same name in the menu bar above. The code to view the film is btl201710.

There is a series of longer conversations with people across a range of experiences of Israel-Palestine on the Beyond the Headlines menu above.

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